An experience! With the vast sweep of Columbus Circle and Central Park as the glittering backdrop (viewed through the massive floor-to-ceiling windows of this 37th floor roost), guests work their way through a menu of crazy delicious, and just plain crazy, cocktails. The first might have chili-spiced ice cubes that add heat as the drink warms, the second arrives with a trail of steam erupting out of a beaker-like glass, and the third (yes, you’ll want a third) is served with teeny cups because the glass round flask is jammed with fruit, nuts and fresh herbs that are infusing the drink as you sit. So innovative are these cocktails—Chicago’s culinary wizard Grant Achatz is the owner—that many visitors go for the tasting menu in which the cocktails are paired with luxe small bar snacks like the “black truffle explosion” (delish). Aviary is expensive, but it’s as theatrical as a Broadway musical—and as fun.