Though we don't think this chain has won the "burger wars" in NYC (that honor goes to Shake Shack in our humble opinion), these freshly ground and yes, very juicy burgers will please those who prefer a bigger meat to bun ratio. The meat mountains overwhelm the bun, we think, but still, they're flavorful, as are the crisp fries. And the milkshakes, which come in half-a-dozen flavors, will put you into a very happy sugar-coma. The other plus to heading to 5 Napkin Burger is that it's a sit-down restaurant, as opposed to the cafeteria style Shake Shack, so you can relax while waiting for your meal (rather than fighting for a table). And at this outlet, the waiters are expert in getting you served well before curtain-time, should you be going to see a Broadway show.

-Pauline Frommer