It’s the extras that are notable at the Edition Times Square’s signature restaurant. Carts roll this way and that—bearing champagne, cheese, and sometimes, cocktails. Food is often served off cunningly shaped platters, with an excess of ceremony. And the setting is ritzy: blue velvet banquettes, burnished wood walls, and sconces that look simultaneously elegant and like glowing vaginas. (In summer, the plant-laden terrace becomes a seating area, too.) All of this sends one signal: "This is a special occasion meal." Unfortunately, there’s static in that signal. Some food is top-notch, like the suavely rich sea urchin risotto, or the unexpected palate cleanser (one of several) of tamarind sorbet with cucumber foam. But too many dishes aren’t knocked out of the park—we’re looking at you, bland duck breast, and you, even duller tile fish with lobster. The restaurant makes Frommer's' recommendations because, despite its deficiencies, it’s the only high-end restaurant right in Times Square, which makes it a smart choice for those who want to have a celebratory meal right before Broadway show, and can’t walk too far.