Those taxis parked out front? They’re not awaiting customers. Their drivers are the diners at this unofficial canteen for the city’s Nepalese community, a friendly, basement-level restaurant with gentle prices and bracingly flavorful food. Among the signature dishes are comforting noodle soups, spicy curries of all sorts, momos (dumplings), and an Indian chaat-like dish called sandheko wai wai which combines raw ramen noodles (not kidding) with onions, garlic, cilantro, lemon juice, and chili powder. The latter would make a great bar snack, but this tiny resto, with its hand-stenciled Buddhist murals, serves no alcohol. A good intro to Himalayan cuisine is the thali plate, which gives a taste of the region’s pickles alongside several curries and a mound of dhendo, a sticky buckwheat pudding that masterfully moderates the fire of the curries and the tartness of the pickles.