Head to Flushing, Queens, and it feels less like visiting a Chinatown than teleporting to Asia itself. The shops, the fashions, the people—with not much imagination, you could be in Taipei or Xian. Needless to say, there are dozens of highly authentic Chinese restaurants out here, but the current champ is Guan Fu, the first Flushing restaurant to ever receive three stars from the New York Times (in late 2017). Its name translates to “White House,” a nod to its elevated cuisine—this is the type of food that Chinese nobility would have dined on, back when there was Chinese nobility. So even if you’re a party of two, it will feel like a banquet, as the platters are regal (read: massive) and the flavors don’t pull any punches. When the 40-page-long, fully illustrated menu warns “spicy,” it means business. And the sour flavors (particularly of the pickles that off-set the heat in the exquisite boiled fish) will twist your tongue in new and exotic ways. A few cautions: Guan Fu only takes reservations for its private rooms, so be prepared for a wait. The restaurant doesn’t accept Visa, so come with other plastic, or better yet, cash (it will discount your meal if you pay in greenbacks). And if you like a glass of beer or wine with dinner, you’ll have to bring your own.