Sibling to Brooklyn's Llama Inn, this new bistro introduces Manhattan to Peruvian cuisine in a pretty cunning way: through its herbs and spices. The earthy huacatay herb is deployed on bok choy (a green that likely never has graced Latin American plates), for a Caesar iteration that may well be the most flavorful salad in the city. A chicken leg is submerged in a broth seasoned by aji panca, a savory chili with the comforting warmth of a favorite wool sweater. Ceviches, roasts, and (at lunch) sandwiches round out the menu, often with non-Peruvian main ingredients, done in a Peruvian style (and with those Peruvian herbs and spices). You could say the same about the space, a classic NYC former warehouse that’s been given real style with fine Peruvian paintings on the walls, an installation of traditional Peruvian fabrics on the ceiling, and a profusion of potted plants. An excellent new addition to the Greenwich Village dining scene!