A nostalgia trip back to bohemian 1950s Greenwich Village is what’s on offer at this adorable, 12-seat restaurant—despite its Soho location and the fact that it debuted in late 2016. Its lace curtains, hanging plants, twirly counter stools, and colored glass chandeliers make diners feel as if they’ve stepped onto the set of a Natalie Wood movie. Prices are vintage, too—every generous entrée is just $19.99 for gussied-up comfort foot (tender dry-aged meatloaf, fly-away-light fried chicken, flaky trout, and more) with two generous sides and your choice of a sauce (I’m partial to the “cowboy butter”, a compound butter with steak sauce in it). No appetizers are offered (or necessary), so that $20 will likely be the entire cost of your meal. The only ultra-contemporary touch: credit cards only are accepted, no cash. Tip: Because no reservations are accepted, get here early—or be ready to grab a drink at a nearby bar until seats are free (this charmer is worth the wait).