Though it looks and sounds like the other eateries that encircle Madison Square Garden, Piggyback’s quality is a good 25% higher than the competition. Yes, the music it blasts is at arena decibel levels, and the décor, with its exposed brick walls and big neon pig, seems to be geared towards making sports fans feel comfortable. But the food comes from Top Chef contestant Leah Cohen, so it’s surprisingly imaginative, like her spin on classic Vietnamese pho soup that gets rid of the broth in favor of a rich sauce, and fries the noodles so they have crunchy rims, and chewy interiors. Also highly recommended: Korean honey butter wings and Thai fried rice with Chinese sausage. Prices seem high on first glance, but the “large” dishes will easily feed two or three, and “small” are the size of a normal entrée. Groups take note: the restaurant has a large back room, perfect for parties of 6 or more.