Sunday in Brooklyn may inspire a sense of déjà vu: There’s not a smooth surface in the place (it’s all roughly spackled plaster, piles of logs for the wood grill, and rough-hewn beams crisscrossing the ceilings) and there are more bearded dudes here than you’d find at a wrap party for Duck Dynasty (or a Santa Convention). In short, it looks like so many other restaurants in Brooklyn. That goes for the menu, too, which leans heavily on farm-to-table sourcing, crafty cocktails (every liquor used seems to be “infused” or “washed”), and a number of childhood favorites upgraded for adults. But the service and space are so pleasant, and the food so good, that what could be a complaint turns into a compliment: This eatery is the distillation of the “Bougie” side of the borough, and makes for a really fun introduction to Brooklyn. Recommended dishes: grilled peas with cashew cheese and wheatgrass oil, or wood-roasted mushrooms, and, for dessert, S’mores.