Read through this section on New York City restaurants, and you’ll see me mention a battalion of chefs, all of whom have made their names cooking up a storm in the Big Apple. I’m chagrined to say there’s not a woman among them (which I hope says more about the world of NYC cooking than any sort of myopia on my part). But their ranks have been breached in the last decade by a chef who, arguably, serves cuisine that’s more testosterone-laden than any of the guys’. April Bloomfield is her name, and heavy, fatty, absolutely scrumptious fare is her game. I find that I can’t go to her restaurants too often because the scale scolds me the next morning. But when I do, boy, do I enjoy the experience.

She's had a number of successful outing with The Breslin possibly generating the most buzz. It specializes in Brit grub, serving up such iconic dishes as Scotch Eggs, beef and stilton pie, blood sausage, and even pigs foot for two (romance is not dead on the NYC dining scene). And the food is garnering, rightly, huge cheers and huge crowds. Creative cocktails and imported ales are another lure here, along with being among the glitterati who dine in this pubby space.

-Pauline Frommer