Though midtown Manhattan is crammed with thirsty businessmen, it’s much harder to find a decent pub in this area than one would expect. One with good pub grub? That’s about as rare as a communist agitator in this “strictly business” district. So the new-in-2014 Shakespeare has filled a needed niche and done so in quite a fun way. In a setting that screams “Yorkshire” (down to the mirrors emblazoned with the names of beer companies, the rough wood ceiling, and the “Brit-a-brac” that’s crammed in every cozy corner), the Shakespeare serves up well-made versions of British classics: satisfying beans on toast, shepherd’s pie, perfect Welsh rarebit, nicely crisped fish and chips, and sticky toffee pudding for the end of the meal. The owners (who are also behind Jones Wood Foundry) also import casks of ale from the UK, so you can be assured of a well-pulled pint here.