If you love color, you'll love this store. No tone of the rainbow is off limits. Gudrun Sjödén, the eponymous designer, uses both subtle pastels and neon shades in her work,  combining them in striking patterns for both women's clothing and homewares. Beyond the jubilant palette, eco-conscious practices have been a hallmark of this brand since its founding in 1976. Sjödén uses organically sourced materials, some of which are quite unusual, like cloth made from eucalyptus or hemp. The brand is also easy on the wallet and easy to size up—plus size women look as fetching in these fashions as smaller ones do. Tip: If you join their club, you'll get discounts on some garments, as well as points towards future purchases (though you'll have to go online or come back to New York City to buy again, as this is the only outlet ine United States).

Gudrun Sodjun store