This 72-year-old international market just keeps growing and growing and growing. It now encompasses three buildings. But the aisles still feel cramped because they’re so crammed with goodies from all corners of the globe: Korean chili paste, candied violets, Tunisian harissa, Sicilian pistachios, 100 different types of salt, za’atar spice mix from 17 corners of the globe, and every type of spice known to man. Best of all, the store doesn’t let any herb or spice sit on the shelves for more than 3 months. Upstairs is a place to dine on prepared foods. For home cooks, Kalustyan’s is mecca.

Odd but true fact: Vice President Chester A. Arthur was living in this  building when he learned that his predecessor President James Garfield had died (he had been shot two months earlier). Arthur took the oath of office here, making this the only building in New York City to see this kind of national milestone (Federal Hall downtown is a recreation of the building George Washington took the oath of office in).