Yoga wear, hiking boots, biking shorts, golf cleats, hockey helmets, ice skates, heart monitors, sweat socks, tennis rackets, baseball bats—if it's used for a sport, you'll find it at this massive four-story emporium. And not only is pretty much every sport represented, every important brand that sells gear for that sport will be, too. This is New York City, so the prices aren't cheap....except when they are. To keep the crowds flowing into and out of the store, Paragon throws a sale on several of its items every week (check its website for details). Its end of season sales are true lollapaloozas for savings (and mob scenes, so come prepared to scramble for what you want). The only downside to shopping here, and it's a big one, is the invisible staff. Truly, they're impossible to find and when you do find one, well, they'll often pretend you're invisible.