Sylvia’s isn’t for everyone, but if it’s for you, you’ll absolutely love it and never want to leave. It’s not for everyone because it has no TVs, no telephones, and no Wi-Fi. But if you’re prepared and in the right mood, the funky charm of this century-old hotel right on Nye Beach is absolutely unique. Usually I’m not that crazy about “theme” rooms, but because the theme at Sylvia Beach is literary, I love it. (Sylvia Beach, in case you don’t know, was an American woman with the famous bookstore in Paris, known for championing the likes of James Joyce.) Every room here is dedicated to a different writer: the Colette room is all French elegance, the Mark Twain room is all masculine swagger, and the Dr. Seuss room is bright, bold, and funny. It’s impossible to describe all the different room configurations and bathrooms—each one is different, and the original nooks and crannies are all intact, including a fabulous second-floor library where you can relax by the fire with your favorite book as the waves pummel the beach below. A full breakfast is included, and the hotel’s Table of Content restaurant serves a good fixed-price dinner for $25. Oh, and by the way, Shelley, the resident tortoiseshell cat, is definitely people-friendly.