Years ago, when I first visited Mo’s, I was amazed to find that the clam chowder was so thick that I could stand my spoon upright and it wouldn’t fall over. Mo’s is still serving chowder like that. That is what Mo’s has always been known for and what keeps the crowds returning. Mo’s is an Oregon coast institution, and if you have kids in tow it’s good to know about, because it’s relatively inexpensive compared to other coast fish restaurants. There are now Mo’s up and down the coast (in Cannon Beach, Lincoln City, and Florence), but this was the first, and it has expanded exponentially over the years and now has an overflow Annex with the same menu and better views. I would stick with the basics here: seafood sandwiches, fish and chips, or seafood dinners. Be prepared to wait on weekends year-round and every day in summer. The seating is casual, the portions hearty, the quality good, and the cooking unsurprising.