Set in a historic house on hopping Thames Street, entering Bouchard is like being transported to another place and time, perhaps a French county inn in Brittany. The atmosphere is one of refined gentility. Tables are laid with snowy white cloths, fancy plates, and silver. Racks of hard-to-find wine are stacked along on one wall. Chef Albert Bouchard got his training at the Culinary Institute of America and top restaurants in the U.S. and France. His refined French cuisine has won numerous awards, and his eponymous restaurant is a great place to luxuriate in authentic French cooking. Lobster bisque, sautéed foie gras, roasted squid, and poached salmon are all prepared with the best ingredients and the highest skill. The restaurant is also part of a lovely inn with 10 rooms. Next door, in a culinary experiment, the chef has opened the Revolving Door Restaurant, which features guest chefs.