Small children love this combination Danish theme park and aquarium, located near Noboribetsu Station. (If you're traveling with luggage, lockers are available both here and at the station.) The aquarium, one of the largest in northern Japan, is in Castle Nixe, modeled after a Danish castle (and visible from the station), where you'll see sharks (from an underwater tunnel), morays, salmon, sturgeon, king crab, giant octopus, and other sea creatures. More attractions include a touch pool with small sharks, rays, and horseshoe crabs; a reptile house with snakes, turtles and lizards; dolphin and sea lion shows; a king penguin parade; a game arcade; the ubiquitous souvenir shops (selling Danish and aquarium-related gifts); and a handful of kiddie rides (¥200-¥300 extra). You can see everything in about 2 hours.