General of the Army Douglas MacArthur's immortal words "I shall return" are engraved on a bronze plaque, along with excerpts from his other speeches, at his final resting place in Norfolk's old city hall, an imposing structure whose dome towers over the side-by-side marble crypts of the general and his wife, Jean. Shown every half-hour in a theater next door, a 25-minute film will give you a perspective on MacArthur's life and help you understand the exhibits. Filled with his corncob pipe, sunglasses, and other personal memorabilia, the chronologically arranged galleries trace U.S. history during MacArthur's life and his role in events up to his ringing "Old Soldiers Never Die" speech to Congress after President Truman fired him during the Korean War. There's a replica of the plaque marking the spot on the USS Missouri where MacArthur presided over the surrender of Japan. The memorial will validate your city garage tickets for 3 hours free parking.