• Dovrefjell National Park: In central Norway, Dovrefjell is one of Norway's great national parks. You can see reindeer in the park, and it's also a habitat for the wolverine and the arctic fox, but don't count on seeing these elusive creatures. Many visitors come here just for a glimpse of the musk ox. While this unusual species almost vanished during World War II, careful breeding has brought it back in very limited herds. To see the rare animal, which may not make it through the century, you need to go on one of the safaris conducted by Moskus Safari Dovrefjell.
  • Rondane Nasjonalpark: Entered through the little town of Jeska, this national park was the first ever to open in Norway, having been created in 1962. Peppered with little lakes and rivers, the park is famous throughout Norway for being inhabited by more than two dozen types of animals, including reindeer. Rondane is also home to some 125 different species of birds, making it a regular birder's Valhalla.
  • The Puffins of Vaerøy: In the remote Lofoten Islands in the north of Norway is one of Europe's great bird-watching retreats. The thinly populated island is the nesting place for more than 1.5 million seabirds, including sea eagles, auks, guillemots, kittiwakes, cormorants, the arctic tern, petrels, gulls, and other species, which breed from May to August. Many birders come here just to see the famous puffins at the seabird rookeries.
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