In a recently opened wing of the Justizgebäude, this memorial sheds light on the Nürnberg Trials, the famous set of war trials that have become synonymous with the city. Beginning on November 20, 1945, 21 leading Nazi war criminals were tried in Courtroom 600 before the Allied International Military Tribunal for conspiracy and crimes against world peace, the rules of warfare, and humanity. The trials became a milestone in judicial history as a birthplace for a new law of nations: For the first time in history, sentences were pronounced according to the principle of the personal responsibility of the individual. Faced with the historical legacy of National Socialism, the trials were deliberately set in Nürnberg in order to make a statement.

Documents, photographs and artifacts such as the dock and the box for transporting evidence help reconstruct the events of the trial. Viewing the actual Courtroom 600 cannot be guaranteed, as it is still a functioning court. Contact the memorial on Fridays to find out when viewing the historic room is possible for the following week.