It’s like a Disneyland ride . . . through Honolulu’s suburbia. It’s also a quirky way to see the less-traveled leeward side of Oahu. Between 1890 and 1947, the chief mode of transportation for Oahu’s sugar mills was the Oahu Railway and Land Co.’s narrow-gauge trains. The line carried not only equipment, raw sugar, and supplies, but also passengers from one side of the island to the other. About 6 miles of the train tracks have been restored, starting in ‘Ewa and ending along the coast at Kahe Point. Don’t expect ocean views all the way—you’re passing through the heart of suburban Honolulu (yup, that’s a Costco and a power plant) before you reach the ocean. Still, the 1 1/2-hour narrated ride is pretty amusing. Even better, book the 3pm rides, and the train stops at Ko Olina resort for ice cream.