At 30 stories tall, the Sheraton towers over its neighbors. With almost 2,000 rooms and a location right in the middle of the busiest section of Waikiki, this is not the place to book if you’re looking for a peaceful getaway. What you do get: views of the ocean (available in most rooms), the Helumoa Playground pool for kids, and a gorgeous infinity pool for adults. Expect crowds, though. Drinks at Rumfire are fun, with great views to match; the Kai Market dinner buffet offers a smorgasbord of local flavors. Dining is expensive (as is expected at most Waikiki hotels); for cheap, grab-and-go meals, I like to go to Lawson Station, something of a Japanese version of 7-Eleven but with much better food, such as bento boxes, oden, and yummy desserts made by local companies.