Step back into the golden ages of Waikiki, when Don Ho crooned in Waikiki lounges and the beachfront was dotted with low-slung buildings and bungalows. The Surfjack, new in 2016, was remade from a 1960s budget hotel. Its owners enlisted a considerable amount of local talent, from young designers to established artists, to create a space that screams midcentury-beach house cool, from the “Wish You Were Here” mosaic on the swimming pool floor to the pretty blue and white tiling in the bathrooms to the vintage headboard upholstery by Tori Richard. It’s not close to the beach, and the views are mostly of buildings, and yet, it’s hard to leave this soulful enclave, where you can get excellent cocktails by the pool or a perfect cup of coffee while you browse the on-site boutique, Olive and Oliver.