Best Restaurants in Oahu

Hawaii offers food experiences that exist nowhere else in the world, from dishes based on foods eaten by ancient Native Hawaiians to plate lunches in which you can see the history of Hawaii, from postwar-era hole-in-the-walls where the only thing th...  Read more >

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Fromm-rating-1star Price Name Cuisine Neighborhood
Icon_dollar2 12th Ave Grill Contemporary American Honolulu
Icon_dollar2 678 Hawaii Korean Honolulu
Icon_dollar3 Alan Wong’s Restaurant Hawaii Regional Honolulu
Icon_dollar3 Arancino at The Kahala Modern Italian Honolulu
Icon_dollar1 Beet Box Café Vegetarian Honolulu
Icon_dollar1 Cafe Haleiwa Breakfast The North Shore
Icon_dollar1 Char Hung Sut Local Chinese Honolulu
Icon_dollar3 Chef Mavro Restaurant Hawaii Regional Honolulu
Icon_dollar2 Duke's Waikiki American Waikiki
Icon_dollar2 Ginza Bairin Japanese Wakiki
Icon_dollar2 Goofy Café and Dine Healthy Wakiki
Icon_dollar2 Haleiwa Joe's Seafood The North Shore
Icon_dollar1 Heeia Kea Pier General Store & Deli Local Honolulu
Icon_dollar1 Helena’s Hawaiian Food Hawaiian Honolulu
Icon_dollar2 Highway Inn Hawaiian/Local Honolulu
Icon_dollar2 Hula Grill Waikiki American Wakiki
Icon_dollar2 Ichiriki Japanese/Nabe Honolulu
Icon_dollar3 Izakaya Gaku Japanese Honolulu
Icon_dollar1 Jimbo’s Restaurant Japanese Honolulu
Icon_dollar2 Jinroku Japanese Wakiki
Icon_dollar1 Kahuku Farms Sandwiches and Snacks Honolulu
Icon_dollar1 Kahumana Café Farm Honolulu
Icon_dollar1 Kaka'ako Kitchen Plate Lunches Ala Moana & Kakaako
Icon_dollar1 Kua Aina Burgers The North Shore
Icon_dollar1 La Mariana Sailing Club American Honolulu
Icon_dollar3 La Mer Neoclassical French Wakiki
Icon_dollar1 Liliha Bakery American/Local Honolulu
Icon_dollar1 Little Village Noodle House Chinese Downtown Honolulu
Icon_dollar2 Livestock Tavern American Chinatown
Icon_dollar1 Marukame Udon Japanese Wakiki
Icon_dollar1 Mauna Kea Marketplace Food Court Chinese/Thai/Filipino Downtown Honolulu
Icon_dollar1 Mitch’s Sushi Sushi Honolulu
Icon_dollar1 Monkeypod Kitchen American Honolulu
Icon_dollar2 Mud Hen Water Kaimuki
Icon_dollar1 Murphy’s Bar and Grill Irish Honolulu
Icon_dollar3 MW Hawaii Regional Honolulu
Icon_dollar1 Nico’s at Pier 38 Fresh Fish Honolulu
Icon_dollar1 Olive Tree Cafe Greek/Eastern Mediterranean Honolulu
Icon_dollar1 Ono Seafood Local Kaimuki Kapahulu
Icon_dollar1 Opal Thai Thai Honolulu
Icon_dollar1 Prima Contemporary Italian Honolulu
Icon_dollar1 Rainbow Drive In Local Kaimuki Kapahulu
Icon_dollar3 Roy’s Restaurant Hawaii Regional Honolulu
Icon_dollar2 Sansei Seafood Restaurant & Sushi Bar Sushi/Pacific Rim Wakiki
Icon_dollar1 Shokudo Japanese Honolulu
Icon_dollar2 Side Street Inn on Da Strip Local Kaimuki Kapahulu
Icon_dollar2 Sushi Sasabune Sushi Honolulu
Icon_dollar1 The Pig and the Lady Modern Vietnamese Honolulu
Icon_dollar3 The Pineapple Room Hawaiian Regional Ala Moana & Kakaako
Icon_dollar1 To Chau Vietnamese Pho Downtown Honolulu
Icon_dollar2 Tokkuri Tei Local/Japanese/Sushi Kaimuki Kapahulu
Icon_dollar2 Town Contemporary Italian Honolulu
Icon_dollar1 Tucker & Bevvy Healthy Wakiki
Icon_dollar1 V Lounge Pizza Honolulu
Icon_dollar1 Vino Italian Tapas & Wine Bar Italian Downtown Honolulu
Icon_dollar3 Vintage Cave Modern American Honolulu
Icon_dollar1 Yataimura at Shirokiya Japanese Honolulu
Icon_dollar1 ʻAi Love Nalo Vegan Waimānalo