Okay, so I know it’s hot in Hawaii most of the time, but that hasn’t stopped dozens of nabe and hotpot restaurants from opening, and it hasn’t stopped the locals from going. This place was one of the first to get the trend going. Pick your soup base (I’m partial to the pirikara, seasoned with a spicy soy sauce) and choose from thinly sliced chicken, pork, or beef. The server sets your broth on the tabletop gas grill, and as it comes to a boil, you cook your meat in the soup. You’ll also get a heaping plate of vegetables to throw in and deep-fried tofu that soaks up the broth like a sponge. My favorite part: the meatballs dispensed from a bamboo sheath. After all that good stuff has enriched the soup, order noodles to throw in and absorb what’s left.