Inside this tiny museum housed in the 1891 life-saving station is the story of Ocean City. It's a story of shipwrecks, hurricanes, and floods on the one hand, and surfing, Skeeball, and bathing suits on the other. For less than the price of a serving of Thrasher's Fries, visitors have an opportunity to see old surfboards, shipwreck treasures, an impressive array of vacation souvenirs from throughout the 1900s, even hair-raising film footage of the 1933 hurricane that created the Inlet that changed Ocean City (and Assateague) forever. A temporary exhibit honoring local war veterans is expected to give way to a children's hands-on activities area. The most important exhibit in the Boat Room, with a restored surfboat, apparatus, and vintage photographs, recalls the surfmen who risked their lives saving sailors from foundering ships off the coast. Hot off the press is a terrific tour book that guides visitors through each room, describing its original purpose and its use in the museum.