Jamaica's most scenic attractions lies just a 5-minute drive west of Ocho Rios, featuring an Olympian joy ride -- no snow required. They stretch for 100 acres, from the coast road near the entrance to Dunn's River Falls to more than 700 feet above sea level at the peak of Mystic Mountain. You can explore three attractions here -- the Sky Lift Explorer, the Bobsled Jamaica, and the Tranopy.

The Sky Lift Explorer is a chairlift taking you to the top of Mystic Mountain at 700 feet. Here you'll find a rural train depot and even a swimming pool with lookout tower. A Caribbean restaurant features plenty of spicy jerk specialties.

The summit is also the launch pad for the zip-line tree Tranopy tour, featuring rides of almost 400 feet. You soar above dense forest of almond, pimento, and Poinciana trees.

Accessible via the Sky Lift Explorer is the Bobsled ride, which will take you on a wild journey as you plummet down the mountainside before coming to a halt in a cool, shaded glade. You're taken on a 1,000-meter-long gravity drive through the rainforest on custom-designed, high-tech sleds. Jamaicans made this Bobsled ride famous at the 1988 Winter Olympics, inspiring the movie Cool Runnings.