This community zoo has come a long way since it was born in 1923 when a circus came to town, leaving a monkey and a goat behind. The monkey rode the goat in the earliest show. Today, the animal collection includes beautiful clouded leopards, cheetahs, and black-footed cats, all of which are endangered. You'll also meet a ham of a hippo named Geraldine as well as black howler monkeys, siamangs, American crocodiles, a banded Egyptian cobra, a Gila monster, barred owls, bald eagles, and dozens of other species. Recent additions include the alligator and crocodile viewing deck, an insect zoo, and a hyacinth macaw exhibit. Allow 2 to 3 hours.

In 2010, ZOOm Air Adventures opened a zipline-style attraction at the zoo. Adventurous park-goers will find two different courses comprising a series of rope bridges, guide wires, ziplines, and various other tree-top challenges. Pricing is separate from zoo admission and runs $22 to $46 for adults (each course is priced separately). A kids' course costs $18. Night flights are also available at a slightly higher cost.

Tip: One-year memberships that include additional perks and free admission to this and 100 other participating zoos and aquariums across the country are available. A family membership is $79, which, depending on your family's size, may be more economical than purchasing individual tickets, especially if there's a member zoo in your area.