The best museum in the Orlando area, and perhaps the finest in the state, presents an unparalleled cache of works by genius designer Louis Comfort Tiffany, from stained glass to vases to lamps, and even the lavishly decorated Daffodil Terrace and Reception Hall of his lost Long Island mansion, Laurelton Hall, and the bespoke fountains that ran through it. The Morse displays the best collection of Tiffany glass on the planet, including an entire room reconstructing the master’s tour de force chapel, made for the World’s Columbian Exposition in 1893. Once face-to-face with the uncanny luminescence of Tiffany’s best work, even those previously knew nothing about him can’t help but come away dazzled. The museum’s founders also collected hundreds of other top-quality pieces from the Arts and Crafts movement, including sculpture, but the focus here is definitely Tiffany and his impeccable taste. Set aside an hour or more, though it’s easy to combine a visit with a stroll through Winter Park’s boutiques, as it sits among them.