When we were kids, the most fun we could have with a crayon was to peel the wrapper off—maybe eat one, too. Your kids, though, can scamper around a department-store-size fantabulous multi-station sensory playhouse where they may, among other things, print wrappers they write themselves, animate their drawings on giant screens, melt crayons into art, animate homemade puppets in a magic theatre, frolic in a two-story playground shaped like crayons, color a printout of their own face, mess around on a giant Lite-Brite, and pitch an epic fit the moment you suggest it’s time to leave. Adults will first feel bitter jealousy and then nostalgia pangs of their receding childhood history—Lemon Yellow, we hardly knew ye—but will probably indulge themselves in the adjoining shop (no admission required), which sells every Crayola product known to the world of little Picassos, including a wall filled with the some 120 current colors, which they can bulk-buy in buckets.