A recent recipient of immense investment and careful improvements, Fun Spot is Orlando’s largest (15 acres), cleanest, best-lit midway-style diversion. Although it became famous for its four Go-Kart tracks (concrete, multilevel; the Quad Helix’s stacked figure-eight turns make it a favorite, but the Conquest’s peaked ramp is a pip), the spacious grounds are also stocked with a two-level arcade, a scrambler, plenty of snack bars, a Ferris wheel (Charlize Theron rode it in “Monster”), and a section of kiddie rides. Additions in a hefty 2013 expansion include White Lightning, a smooth-as-silk wood-frame coaster that goes out and back, and Freedom Flyer, a wee version of a hanging, foot-dangling train. The 250-foot-tall SkyCoaster is the second tallest of its kind (the first is at Fun Spot’s lesser location in Kissimmee). Turn kids loose and take a breather.