Fun Spot’s flagship property is near Universal, but this southern outpost delivers the same well-kept carnival-ride playground experience. There’s a selection of basic rides that wouldn’t be out of place beside a circus (the Hot Seat swings riders on the end of a big stick), bumper cars, a wild mouse-style coaster Rockstar with spinning cars, and a few outdoor Go-Kart tracks (the 4-story Vortex has 32-degree banking, the world’s steepest, owners say). That 300-foot-tall skyline-scarring contraption is SkyCoaster ($40 a ride), which harnesses up to three would-be pants-wetters so that they’re face-down, hoists them backward, and swings them forward at 80mph like wingless hang gliders. It’s the world’s tallest. Don’t miss Mine Blower, a compact wooden coaster that makes a brief inversion. It only takes a minute, but it’s an epic minute. It’s the meanest jack rabbit of a coaster in Orlando. The downmarket Old Town complex is next door and is usually seen on the same visit.