The world-famous wax museum opened its Orlando location beside the ICON Orlando wheel. It’s so silly and pleasantly touristy that it’s astounding it took so long. First, they try to get you to pose for a tourist photo, but skip that, because Tussauds is already essentially one extended photo op. As you go from room to room, you get right beside the few dozen full-size figures of current and historical celebrities, many of which are so lifelike that you’ll be astounded (Obama, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez), and some so off the mark you have to check the signage to tell who it is (Madonna, Katy Perry). If the sign says they were “sculpted from a sitting” rather than merely “portrayed,” you know it’s more accurate. Midway through, you can pay $10 to create a wax cast of your own hand—protect it from the Florida heat thereafter if you do.