A small concrete area, which by night blares rock music and heaves with idle youth, this is a classic amusement area built on adrenaline and rash decisions. The most obvious generator of regret is the world’s tallest Slingshot ride ($25, not included on passes), a colossal fork strung with a pod. Two at a time sit inside, and are catapulted more than 200 feet into the sky, wailing to wake the dead. The 90-second adventure is so tense that it attracts concerned passersby. The circular swing ride, Star Flyer ($7), is scarier than it looks because the restraints feel inadequate for the 230-foot height it achieves—flimsy restraints being a necessary component of carnival thrills. The rest of the small plot is dominated by two thunderous, wooden Go-Kart tracks (the Avalanche track has slightly steeper ramps than the Alpine), a few minor rides including cheerless bumper boats, and a dirty arcade thronged with kids. Its unsophisticated virtues are something 11-year-old boys (and vacation-worn parents) appreciate.