Walt Disney tried to extinguish honky-tonk, but it lives on, cotton candy and all, at his doorstep. Old Town is the kind of low-rent entertainment center you’d find rusting near a small town somewhere. Built to look like 4 blocks of a Main Street–style town, expect Americana to the extreme: beer-soaked ale halls, Old Glory T-shirts, and a gauntlet of no-name stores peddling impulse buys from baseball cards to puppets to pins to Western gear, plus a variety of special events (Fri and Sat for collector cars, Sun is country music). The area also has about 15 cheap rides, bumper cars, a just-renovated haunted house, a magic demonstration attraction, and Windstorm, a skeletal knot of metal tucked at the back of the park. It must be Orlando’s least known roller coaster, which is not an injustice. Old Town may not be posh, and some people may even classify it as trashy, but kids like it, international tourists are fascinated by it, and the truth is that in the right frame of mind, it’s a decent place to have a good time for less. You’ll probably eat something fried.