As everyone knows, there are three necessary components to carnival thrills: height, speed, and flimsy-feeling restraints. The StarFlyer nails the trifecta. At 450 feet (your altitude will be about 350 feet), this 2018 erection is the tallest of the 35 such spinning swing towers around the world. The 4-minute ride is able to go 60mph but after many experiments in which customers fled traumatized, the proprietors settled on a top speed of 45mph. It starts fast but slows down once your pants are good and wet, so there’s time to look around at that incredible view, the best in town. Never once does it seem possible that the chains are enough to support the weight of your two-person bench, yet they are, by several factors. And that’s what gives it a kick. No items, including sunglasses, are permitted on board (lockers are free), so if it’s very bright out, come back at night. There’s a bar at the base where you can toast whatever god you worship for bringing you back to the ground safely.