A 2012 infusion of more than 100 genuine artifacts from the Titanic itself—a teak deck chair to cookware to tile fragments to a boarding card—have done wonders for this permanent exhibition. For those interested in the topic, this theatrically presented museum, which walks guests chronologically from boarding to the abbreviated voyage to rediscovery, provides a balanced dossier of the sorry tale. There’s a little conflation of Hollywood storytelling with history (at the replica of the First Class Grand Staircase, a piano rendition of “My Heart Will Go On” repeats ad nauseam), but there’s still plenty of meat on this hambone. Join a regular tour, because guides are deeply knowledgeable and truly care; after the tour, you can backtrack for closer looks. The 2-ton slab from her hull, cast in an eerie light, makes for a moving epilogue.