This one is relatively fresh on the scene, a sprawling 300-acre resort on the southern fringe of the tourist zone. Most units are cute Key West–style timeshare cottages from one to eight bedrooms—you can rent one but they’re highly individual—but there’s a hotel amid the spaciousness. Every room (and they’re pretty big; 470 sq. ft., with giant, delightful bathrooms) has a shady porch with a view of the pool and beyond that, of a pond and nearly no other buildings. The lobby is cavernous enough to serve a hotel four times the size, which gives a sensation that you’re wasting away as the last vacationers on earth. Being so far south makes it much more convenient to Disney than to the other parks, but the flip side is that it doesn’t succumb to theme park folderol. Although it is decidedly geared to grown-ups (for example, the spa deals in CBD-based treatments), it’s hardly a non-stop party—the last bar still closes by midnight—maybe 184 hotel rooms isn’t quite enough to support all those amenities. Weirdly, there’s no Margaritaville restaurant (that’s at CityWalk), and on my last visit I encountered strange service quirks like a lack of soda machines, but the Sunset Walk dining-and-entertainment strip mall area on the grounds offers a decent number of upscale bars, restaurants, and a terrific multiplex. There’s also a middleweight waterslide park (Island H2O Live!), but that’s separately ticketed. Between the resort fee and valet, the price is $70 higher than it looks. Resort fee warning: $35/night.