Once, it was the celebrated Nickelodeon Suites resort. But that contract got yanked, and Holiday Inn poured $30 million into literally stripping the old partnership off the walls, but there’s a question as to whether it spent enough. On the upside, the Lagoon complex rooms got a brush-up, but on the downside, the result is unspecial and there’s not much left of the old fun except a quick “4-D” movie or trivia show that runs intermittently. In the two aging courtyard splash areas (they’re not really a “waterpark”), cannons blast, a 400-gallon bucket regularly spills over squealing kids, and 13 wee slides and flumes twist. Noise alert: They’re encircled by guest rooms. Kids will surely adore such an elaborate wet area, but adults’ eyes may cross at the extortionate captive food pricing—you’ll have drive to find anything more sensible. Three-bedroom suites (950 square feet), which sleep up to eight, come with equipped kitchens (so do one-bedroom kitchen suites), two-bedrooms (485 square feet) just have a microwave and mini-fridge. Everything has a pullout double, too. It’s a fair, if expensive, choice if you plan to spend playtime back at base—it’s wickedly close to Disney turf. Resort fee warning: $25/night.