Mighty large, mighty busy, and mighty hard to ignore, the 200-acre World Center rises like a citadel over I-4, a straight shot into Disney on Epcot Center Drive. Handsome and appointed as a Marriott resort should be—the pool and slide tower are among the best in town—it’s actually the well-funded infrastructure that does all the work. In fact, if you need more than that, it operates with all the annoyances of a convention machine, meaning lines to get any service whatsoever, inflated prices ($8.25 for an egg sandwich at its Starbucks), and even a fee for Wi-Fi, which by now should be an archaic practice. Its Siro Urban Italian Kitchen uses fresh ingredients and is several notches above most hotel restaurants, but the World Center mostly has what I call "points appeal"—it’s a fine place to cash in rewards for a vacation but not the most relaxing hotel experience you've had. Spring for the valet, because the parking structure is unforgiveabely far from the building—it requires a shuttle, if you can believe it.