In 2013, Rollins College opened this boutique hotel in upscale Winter Park using a $12.5-million donation; its income will endow a scholarship program. Isn’t that nice? So is the hotel. Its restaurant and cocktail bar, planted courtyard, and modern rooms striped in teal and lime with dark wood accents, are designed to appeal to sophisticated palates, something underscored by its fantastic public art collection, curated by the surprisingly well-stocked Cornell Fine Art Museum. These gleaming facilities are 3 blocks from the dignified shopping of Park Avenue and the Morse Museum, making it an instant keystone of the Winter Park scene. It’s probably too far if you’ve got a heavy theme park schedule, but it’s ideal for love-nesting and grown-up explorations of the brick streets and 1920s mansions of Winter Park. Note: The hotel is constructing a new 71-room wing and spa that is scheduled to open in 2023. Works will only be carried out during the daytime when you’re out.