There’s nothing else in America quite like it. In 1975, a dying Johnson-era, 130-room motel was revitalized as an amusement megacenter for gay folks. Its rambling size—10 acres, including a beach on a small lake out back—justifies it as a hangout not only for gay guys, but also for the friends who love them, women who want to dance without being accosted, and open-minded straight guys. Think of it as a fabulous entertainment minimall: There’s the Footlight Theater for cabaret and drag hosted by longtime resident mistress Darcel Stevens; a diner; a pool; a disco, which gears up around 9pm; a video bar; and a scuzzy cubby called Western Bar, for leather-and-jeans-wearing guys who play pool and, um, know how to handle a stick. The scene is unexpected when you consider that its operators are a straight couple with six kids and that Orlando politics are still controlled by conservative Christians. It’s considered a nucleus of Florida gay life, and when it entered rough financial waters in recent years, some locals advocated for it to be landmarked.