When you hang out at Dandelion, you feel like you’re a part of something. That’s because it’s as much a neighborhood hangout as it is a cafe. Once a private home, hardwood floors and cabinets were left intact, and now diners of all ages (including kids) roam. A huge selection of tea is served with menu items made with local ingredients. There’s no meat, and nearly everything is gluten-free. The signature dish is the Giddyup ($9, but only $5 on Mon), a filling nacho bowl of tempeh chili piled with blue corn chips, diced tomatoes, scallions, and cheese. My favorite is Henry’s Hearty Chili, the most flavorful veggie chili I’ve ever had ($4 a cup). Twice a month, on the new and full moon, people gather here to “express your true self with music, rhythm, dance and trance.” If you don’t travel with your own bongo, they’ll lend you one.