From the outside, you’d swear it was just a grungy mini-mart best avoided, but inside, you discover a family-friendly hideaway of slotted-pot lanterns, hand-carved thrones, and big plastic cups in orange, magenta, and lime. Menus are bilingual but Spanish-first, which tells you about its main clientele, and because Mexican families show up in droves, you also know the food is authentic and good. The fresh aguas frescas (rejuvenating sweet water drinks, eight flavors ranging from tamarindo to limon) flow freely, and portions are big and reliable. You’ll start with the free salsa and delicate corn chips that are still shiny and hot from the fryer, but don’t fill up, because guacamole is a mere $4, whole fish $10, chicken mole with rice and beans only $8, and hefty burritos but $6.50. At its market next door, sample the Mexican popsicles at its paleteria and take away homemade pastries for under $1.75. Even Orlando residents, few of whom would dare head to this part of town, are delighted by what they find here.