Real Halal Moroccon cooking—stuffed savory pastry, kebabs, dry-and-spicy beef Merguez sausage, tagine, piles of couscous, and mint tea, all freshly made and quite good—this isn’t very common in these parts, but the straight-ahead protein-and-flavor infusion is welcome. Service can be aloof but the flavors aren’t, and the strip mall location is spacious but downright kooky—its covered patio is beside a grand staircase festooned with full-size Roman-style sculptures of figures—which adds to the uniqueness. Ask for sauce if you want it; they figure you’re a meat lover and don’t automatically include it. During Ramadan (in 2017, May 27 to June 25), the kitchen omits couscous and pastry and focuses on the meats and salads, and all times of year, if your kid’s a picky eater, there’s always nuggets and burgers for them.