Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto, known for innovative feats of kitchen derring-do, oversees this sweeping loft-like space (one of the grandest on Disney property), and if you’re wondering if an Iron Chef had to dumb down delicate inventions to pander to the Disney crowd, the answer is he struck an admirable balance between populism and panache. Yes, you can get approachable dishes like dim sum, pad thai, and sushi, but dare to delve into specialties like whole house-roasted Peking duck, the “buri-bop” twist on hot-pot bibimbop with seared yellowtail, the unbelievably flavorful sweet-and-sour de-boned sea bass (don’t neglect the flaky cheeks), and rock shrimp tempura coated in a moreish spicy Korean gochujang aioli. Outside, its Street Food window serves dumbed-down, mass-appeal Chinese grub—call it Pander Express—but after 10pm indoors, a funkier bar menu is rolled out for the “Forbidden Lounge,” where chefs from around Disney show up after work to unwind. At this Disney standout, multiple visits would be rewarded.