Because it’s buried in an industrial area, you have to know about it to find it. There’s no food served, either—if you want some, they’ll hand you a binder of delivery menus—but that doesn’t mean there isn’t some delicious cooking happening. At least 24 beers (ales, IPAs, stouts—it changes according to how the brewers experiment) are on tap at 42 degrees Fahrenheit and served at a copper-top bar. The quick rise of the brewery, which has been certified organic, has been remarkable. Orlando’s best hotels (including Disney’s) and restaurants now serve it. Most days at 6pm, the owners grant a free 30-minute tour of the beerworks, where quaffs are made without pasteurization (like the Old World) for sale within 2 weeks. The bar area is simple but convivial, like a rec room your dad might have slapped up in the basement, and uncluttered by televisions or pool tables.