This family-run prize is worth a celebration! The strip mall location about 10 minutes east of Disney may daunt, the room may not contain even a dozen tables plus counter seating, the lighting may be harsh—but the food is made with unbounded generosity. A row of stews and meats lines the bar, from which meals are piled so high on plates that customers, largely local Venezuelans, gasp when they’re set down in front of them. The owners opened their doors expressly to share their authentic cuisine with the area, and you should witness the joy on their faces when a tourist asks what to try. Suggestions: empanadas, overstuffed arepa (griddled corn flatbread) and cachapas (corn pancakes) filled with creamy aged cheese and sauces of every kind, or mixed plates like the parrilla tepui, with several kinds of meats, salad, yucca, and an arepa, and fresh juices, all of which will barely crack a $10 bill, and much of which won’t even use up a $5.