Agra has the Taj Mahal and Sydney has its opera house—Orlando has a 60-foot-tall orange. Back when most of this land was orange groves, Florida roadsides were full of this kind of souvenir catch-all, stacked high with oranges and grapefruits in their red mesh bags, but the citrus industry cashed out for McMansions. Fruit changes by the season: Fall is for navel and ambersweet oranges, January sees honeybell tangelos, and February through May sees a procession of oranges, honey tangerines, and Valencia oranges; Indian River grapefruit is available year-round. A timeshare hawker tries to pitch to marks, and shelves also teeter with the sort of corny Florida souvenirs that time forgot, including shellacked alligator heads and local jellies. Sure, there are lots of schlocky, fluorescent-lit barns selling junky souvenirs on U.S. 192 and I-Drive—but this is landmark schlock.